Peter Statham

Always encouraged, to push harder.

I've always been and outdoors person and have work in the outdoor adventure world for the last 15 years. Like most jobs as my company grew I spent more time in the office. Slowly losing my fitness level and put on more weight than I was happy with.

I needed to up my exercise, but really did not have the time and sitting the gym is just mind numbing. My partner had been attending Elite Bootcamp and coming home looking like she had run a marathon. I really thought it was just a walk in the park till a few months ago I went with her on a whim. The fact that I could push myself as hard as I felt like in a social environment was great. I was getting the benefits of an intense training session and there was an element of fun compaction. There was no one standing over me like a drill sergeant shouting. Wihan has always encouraged me to push harder, but in a very positive way.

I have definitely improvement in my riding, sailing and other sporting things I do but also in the energy I bring in to the office every day.

My advice to anyone looking at this is you will never know by looking as it from a far but I jump in and try for a month you really have very little to lose.